OtterBox Pixel 4 XL Clearly Protected Screen Protector

Product Price

The Alpha Glass Screen Protector Pro Pack for your Pixel 4 XL retains your touchscreen's responsiveness and comes with tools that make it incredibly simple to apply. The Anti-Shatter/Scratch design ensures that you will not cut yourself on the glass. Thanks to the flawless clarity of the Alpha Glass Screen Protector you will never have to sacrifice clarity for protection. This Alpha Glass Screen Protector is compatible with the OtterBox Resurgence Case. This product is exclusive for Authorized B2B Customers only. Please contact your Sales Account Rep for approval.

Height 6.31 inches
Width 2.96 inches
Depth 0.32 inches
Weight 0.186 ounces
Compatible Model GOOGLE PIXEL 4 XL
Packaging Dimensions
Packaging Height 7.75 inches
Packaging Width 4.25 inches
Packaging Depth 0.63 inches